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TeamBit helps organizations unlock the power of Atlassian. With a complete skillset across the Atlassian ecosystem we provide a wide range of services and solutions that contribute to your business growth.

Services we provide

Consultancy & Trainings

Not sure if Atlassian fits your business needs? Or need any advice on project/product or team work management? Have inquiries on what are the best practices of customer support, incident and change management? We are ready to hear the problems you face or ideas you have - we are here to turn them into scalable solutions. Also, we provide professional training on how to use Atlassian tools for you and your team - to benefit the most of what you have!

Custom Development

We can build any custom solution according to your business needs. Just let us know if you cannot find anything that fits your purpose on Atlassian Marketplace.

Entry Pack

Not sure where to start? We provide functional basics for you to start your Atlassian experience and tailored to your needs - time, value and budget optimum pack.

On-demand "how-to's"

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance to accomplish your goals. It could be a question of functionality that you cannot find or concern which plugin to choose for your particular needs. All you need - drop us a message and we're here to help you.

Installation & Configuration

We deploy Atlassian tools from the scratch on your chosen infrastructure option (Cloud/Data Center) and help you with different needs to adapt Atlassian solutions with ease - no matter what transformation you are going through.


Sometimes you may need a working engine, where any of Atlassian tools is just an intermediate part and transfers data from one of your business platforms to another. Reach out to us - we know how integrations work.

License Management

We are ready to help you to purchase Atlassian products and Marketplace apps at optimal price and optimize your investment, simplifying your procurement and license management processes.


Moving from legacy systems to Atlassian is not an easy task, especially when you need your data to be operative. We can help you to transfer it with precise plan and assured execution. This might be migration from another similar tool, migration from on-premises Atlassian to Cloud suite (or vice versa!) or moving data from one instance to another - all scenarios will be covered by our experienced team.

Support & Maintenance

Just pick the most suitable Support & Maintenance plan and trust us whenever you need a supporting hand. This also includes upgrades of your products to keep them secure and stacked with the latest features and we're always willing to provide you optimization plans to keep your Atlassian tools neat, tidy and at the best performance.

Looking for a complete solution for your business needs? Contact us and lets discuss that!

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Solutions we offer

IT Service Management with Jira and more

Empower your team with high-velocity ITSM solution based on Jira Service Management - flexible platform for customer interaction and engagement. Depending on your needs and company's complexity, we can configure a multichannel tool that have separate setup for different departments but in the end, processes are unified among whole organization and that brings a solid channel for customers and users to interact with you in optimal manner. Enriching Jira Service Management with additional automations, integrations with Confluence as a knowledge base, chat tools such as Slack or Teams, properly connecting alerting systems (Opsgenie and Status page) brings overall solution to the next level - uninterrupted operational flow.

Access Provision Management

Yet another day-to-day procedure can be covered using Jira Service Management as a base - it is a solution which ensures secure, tracked and consistent way to have access rights provisioning feature all together with other request fulfillment categories within your company's self-service portal. Combining Jira flows and Insight asset management tool we can configure approval mechanisms based on the ownership of the assets where users must be granted (or revoked) access to. To make everything even more automatic and smooth - actual access provisioning task can be dedicated for API and custom-made interactions from Jira to your systems.

Powerful Knowledge Management

Break down company's silos with a complete knowledge base, collaboration and easy-to-use solution that combines Atlassian Confluence, Jira and several additions. Confluence as such is a must attribute for any organization that wants to ensure effective, rational and easy-searchable information management. Connecting Jira to Confluence empowers full project management flow - from requirements gathering, discussion and decision tracking to actual development documentation with process diagrams and roadmap visualizations. As a cherry on top, adding some small but great additions, for example document approvals, makes your knowledge base system a single source of truth.

Intranet Solution

Social intranet on Confluence? Yes - your ordinary Confluence instance can be transformed to a full-fledged intranet for whole organization needs, to have a place for management to distribute important information, customize content company-wide and, most importantly, do that in the environment that employees are already familiar with. We may offer several options for this solution, will help you to adopt a tool to your company brand identity and provide best practices for content management.

Interested in any of above solutions or have another idea that needs realization? Contact us right away!

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Tempo creates best-in-class automated and integrated solutions designed to help you unlock the true benefits of tracking time. Leverage Tempo’s suite of applications to log time effortlessly, plan and manage resources in real-time and monitor all project finances more effectively.



Exalate is the only cross-company integration solution with distributed architecture. It ensures complete control for each side: there is no primary instance, which controls the synchronization process; you decide what information to send, to receive, and how to display it. Exalate is also very flexible due to the built-in scripting engine. With Exalate, you can set up an integration between Jira, GitHub, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, HP QC/ALM & more.



BigPicture is a versatile application to optimize the way your projects, programs and portfolios are run. Flexible enough to accommodate basic agile, agile-at-scale as well as typical waterfall, or any hybrid of methodologies, BigPicture is a useful and efficient tool, a leader in its category, that offers to simplify and automate administrative work, bring strategy-to-execution alignment and offer support for management at all levels of an organization.