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TeamBit is a Platinum Solution Partner of a well known company Atlassian that provides tools to help every team to unleash their full potential. All TeamBit services and solutions are based on the Atlassian suite - configuration, development, consultancy and support - so that you can experience the benefits of those in a full capacity.

Check below for more details about each Atlassian product.

Jira Software

It is a project and tasks management tool. It allows you to plan, track and prioritize work items with customizable workflows, manage releases and visualize projects progress.

Jira Work Management

It is designed for other than IT areas, such as HR, finance, marketing and other business teams - visualize, track and manage daily tasks and ongoing projects.

Jira Service Management

A tool designed for IT Service Management processes, such as incident and request handling, change and problem management. Enables teams to collect customer requests via various channels, setup SLA, various automations.


Create your knowledge base, collaborate with others, track changes of documentation - in a single source of truth. It's a place where you create meeting notes, follow-up on tasks, comment on project requirements - to keep your team's data always up-to-date!


Opsgenie centralizes alerts, provides flexible solution for on-call duty tracking and notifying the right people at the right time.

Status Page

Transparency should be a key value in all teams - thus, this tool provides a simple but valuable solution to show customers the operational status of your systems, announce planned maintenance or inform about ongoing problems.


Ensure the quality of your development using Bitbucket as a Git repository. Collaborate on code, approve code reviews and benefit from CI/CD.


Unleash the full power of CI/CD - automate your builds, tests and releases in one go. Connect Bamboo with Bitbucket and Jira and have a full traceability from feature request to actual deployment.


Visualize your code and simplify repositories management using this simple Git GUI.


Use this tool to centralize identity management of self-hosted Atlassian tools. It allows you to enable single sign-on, combine various directories (AD, LDAP, MS Azure, etc.) to make access control simple and secure.

Atlassian Access

Connect your company's identity provider to Atlassian Cloud products. No more different logins and passwords, no more manual user creation - Atlassian Access enables you to connect to all tools seamlessly.


Another Atlassian collaboration tool that provides simplified but yet powerful visual board to organize your tasks and information. It keeps you updated on every detail in your business, and makes it easier to put all of your tasks in one place, and much more.

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