Explore a comprehensive range of possibilities to enhance the value of your processes.

The synergy of various Atlassian tools, Marketplace apps, custom-tailored features, and our solid know-how and experience enables us to offer comprehensive solutions for your business growth.

IT Service Management with Jira and more

Empower your team with a high-velocity ITSM solution built on Jira Service Management—a flexible platform for customer interaction and engagement. Depending on your needs and company's complexity, we can configure a multichannel tool with separate setups for different departments. However, processes remain unified across the organization, providing a solid channel for customers and users to interact with you optimally. Enhancing Jira Service Management with additional automations, integrations with Confluence as a knowledge base, chat tools such as Slack or Teams, and properly connecting alerting systems like Opsgenie and Statuspage elevates the overall solution to the next level—ensuring uninterrupted operational flow.

Access Provision Management

Jira Service Management serves as an ideal base for covering yet another day-to-day procedure—a secure, tracked, and consistent access rights provisioning feature integrated with other request fulfillment categories within your company's self-service portal. By combining Jira flows with the Insight asset management tool, we can configure approval mechanisms based on asset ownership, ensuring users are granted (or revoked) access as needed. To further streamline operations, access provisioning tasks can be automated through APIs and custom interactions from Jira to your systems, ensuring seamless and efficient processes.

Powerful Knowledge Management

Break down company silos with a comprehensive knowledge base, collaboration, and user-friendly solution that integrates Atlassian Confluence, Jira, and several additional tools. Confluence is essential for any organization seeking effective, rational, and easily searchable information management. Connecting Jira to Confluence enables a seamless project management flow—from requirements gathering and discussion to decision tracking and development documentation, including process diagrams and roadmap visualizations. Adding small yet impactful features, such as document approvals, ensures your knowledge base system serves as a single source of truth.

Intranet Solution

Transform your ordinary Confluence instance into a comprehensive social intranet for your organization's needs. This intranet serves as a central hub for management to distribute important information, customize content company-wide, and most importantly, do so within an environment familiar to employees. We offer various options for this solution, helping you adopt a tool that aligns with your company's brand identity and providing best practices for content management.

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